Something that has pissed me off.

So this comment was posted on the CNN belief blog forum, and it got me kind of pissed.

“As a parent you should train a child in the way they should go. If they believe in God and wants to do good for mankind what is wrong with that???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Please enlighten me why it’s bad to do good?”
Some people may not understand why this got me going, so this was my response.

Being good because a child is afraid of an imaginary being sending them to be tortured forever does not make your child good (which is what a parent wants), it makes them a non-thinking sheep. Doing good for good reasons is always preferable, and easily obtainable. By the way, it’s not “training”, it’s teaching, guiding, supporting, and loving. What you’re talking about is immoral and damaging.

If you disagree, or have any thoughts on it, then leave a comment.

First post

Ok, so this is my first post, and I want this to be a very casual blog.  So I decided to throw out a list I found by David Smalley on his Dogma Debate site, and see what happens.

1. If we truly had one creator speaking to prophets, it would do so consistently, not contradictory as thousands of different religions have proven.

2. Living by the means of man helping man, and realizing time on earth is not a practice run, creates an urgency of life that requires fulfilling.

3. I asked my four-year-old daughter where the stars came from. She confidently said “The moon made them.” I followed by asking “Then where did the moon come from?” She strongly asserted “Daddy, the moon is the boss. Nobody made the moon.” This is an unmistakably familiar mindset; and rightfully embarrassing for an adult to hold such similar thought.

4. Demeter, Jesus, Apollo, Horus, Zeus, Mithra, Yahweh, Tammuz, Ganesha, and Allah are only 10 of the thousands of gods recorded in history. An Atheist is not one that refuses to read religious doctrine; it is often one who reads too many.

5. In the technicalities of most religions, there is no difference between a believer that dies before having time to repent, and a nonbeliever that rejected the doctrine altogether.

6. If the Christian god created humans as sinners, how could it rightfully expect us to believe the corrupt messengers it has sent to teach us the way of life?

7. “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?” – Epicurus

8. All babies are Atheists. Religions are taught depending on the location and era in which you are raised. Being born in the U.S. in 1974 does not make you right, it most likely just makes you another Christian. That’s no better or worse than the person born in Tibet in 1955, who proudly worships the Dalai Lama.

9. It is better to find your own answers and make an educated decision, than to intentionally remain uneducated and make a fearful one.

10. Only for the sake of argument, if I were to astonishingly find myself face to face with a supreme being, I would expect to be judged on my life as a humanist, and how I treated others, (just as most Christians plan to be judged on character, not on the actual Ten Commandments). If my positive actions were ignored, and I was instead judged on using my intelligence to doubt religious doctrines created by human sinners, I would rather be eternally punished than bow to such an unfair tyrant who made things seemingly impossible for humans to succeed at this horrific game.


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